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SARAH G.  Coronado, CA


"This is a very reputable Pre-School and day care program located in beautiful Coronado CA. You will be giving your child/children a wonderful experience if you choose to enroll. I speak from experience, I'm a single working Mom and my son graduated from their Pre-School program and attended day care there as well. The Director, Martha Prysock has been working with Coronado Elementary School and The Baptist Church program for decades, she is very in tune with the children and parents. She has raised most of the children in Coronado and is considered an iconic figure in the community. She is very kind and her staff of teachers are a cohesive group of sweet women who truly care about the children's education safety creativity and motor skills. The teachers have many years of experience and knowledge and give the children the best care possible. They go the extra mile and work with potty training parents and allow you to supply diapers if necessary. For nap time they play classical music and lullabies to comfort the kids while they take a rest.  

The school itself is built into the back courtyard of the church. The classrooms are cleanly and filled with children's artwork and educational material which decorate the walls. There is a vibrant sandy playground surrounding the outside of the classrooms, where kids can swing, ride tricycles, play basketball and use the slides for fun. Also, you will find a charming  dining hall equipped with tables couches artwork, toys, and this is where kids are served deliciously healthy meals from the school's Chef Mrs. Elvia.

My son would come back with art work, he knew songs by heart, he always talked about how much fun he had with friends and teachers, he would tell me what he learned and he even picked up a little bit of Spanish along the way. I was very impressed with all the cognitive development that took place while he attended. I could see strides in his learning process.The graduation ceremony was amazing the kids did a rendition of Alvin and the chipmunks rock n roll song and then a luau dance along with a traditional cap and gown diploma walk.  

My son is still friends with the kids he went to Day Care/Pre-School. They are all happy healthy smart children who reaped the benefits of coming here too.

I highly, highly recommend them and if I can share this great experience I had hopefully you can have the same one too!"

ADRIANA L.  Murrieta, CA


"When we first came to the school my daughter was 18mo. Since then CBC has assisted in potty training, teaching her the ABCs, reading, basic math,The Pledge of Allegiance, independent play, stop-drop-roll, circle time, cutting with child scissors... The list goes on and on. Most of the staff teach part time at the local elementary school and draft the curriculum to better prepare the kids for kindergarten. Ms. Martha, The School Director, brings in Kinder-dance and Kid-Tastic teachers offering a chance for working parents to enroll their kids in extra activities like Ballet. The teachers come in teach a dance class during the day, saving the parent time after work. The school is older- located in a church, but the tuition rates cannot be beat. Truly a diamond in the rough!"


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