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Through our various programs and activities your child will experience.


  • Getting along with others 

  • Following directions

  • Planning & Organizing

  • Developing curiosity 

  • Accepting responsibility 

  • Recognizing shapes

  • Bible teaching

  • Listening & Responding

  • Solving problems

  • Making choices

  • Completing a job 

  • Communication 

  • Caring for materials 

  • Hygiene

  • Increasing vocabulary

  • Counting things 

  • Singing simple songs

  • Enjoying music

  • Caring for himself 

  • Recognizing sizes

  • Cleaning up

Degreed and experienced teachers provide excellent multilingual education. Our advanced TK program teaches reading and arithmetic to 4 year olds. Tutoring and homework assistance are provided. Our low 5 to 1 student to staff ratio ensures that your child will get ample attention. Extensive art programs and music are included. Multiple air conditioned classrooms keep children safe with others of their own age. The center supports diversity and community and is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

A closed circuit security camera system provides added security for the children. A loading zone in front of the facility provides easy drop off & pick up. We also provide transportation to and from the center. The center is licensed by the state under numbers 370800144 and 376701135. We are approved by Child Care 
Aware who may provide tuition assistance to military families.

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